About the Right to Information Act 2005

Yadadri Bhuvanagiri is one of the districts of Telangana. It is the administrative unit of Telangana. All public works for rural and urban development are sanctioned from here. It is one of the administrative units of Telangana.
Some people face many problems such as flood, drought, water shortage, poor road connectivity, etc. You elect to obtain information from Yadadri
Addressing the PIO of Yadadri District Officers as Officer, Department of Social Welfare, Panchayatiraj, Rural Development Department. Only one RTI application will help you with all these problems.

Bringing Information to Citizens:

The Right to Information Act 2005 requires timely response to citizen requests for information. Provide RTI portal gateway to citizens for a quick search for information on the details of Personnel and Training, Citizenship, Ministry of Public Complaints, PPIs and POIs. Right to information published on the web by various government authorities under Indian government and state governments.

Objective of the Right to Information Act:

The fundamental aspect of the RTI Act is to empower citizens, promote transparency and accountability in government work, contain corruption and make our democracy genuinely work for the people. This gave the information citizen governance the necessary alertness and made the government more accountable. The law is a major step towards informing citizens about government activities.