RTA M-Wallet App

Date : 30/03/2016 - | Sector: Telangana Transport Department
RTA M-Wallet

As part of good governance initiatives, Government of Telangana rolled out a first of its kind ‘RTA M-Wallet App’ which will help citizen reducing burden of carrying vehicle-related documents. Every driver/rider can store the official documents issued by the Transport department like driving license, registration certificate, insurance certificate, permit, and fitness etc., for a hassle-free, paper-free ride experience. The app derives the data from the centralised database of transport department and update the services on real time basis.

Salient Features of ‘RTA M-Wallet’ App:
• It is a digital wallet for all vehicle related documents (driving license, registration certificate, insurance certificate, permit, fitness etc.).
• RTA M-Wallet can be downloaded on Android and IOS platforms.
• It allows auto-fetch the documents with just a single click, if associated with your mobile number.
• Login from any mobile to access your documents.
• A simple and efficient single-screen display for all your vehicle related documents.
• Citizen-friendly options to add multiple vehicles owned by same person and fetch documents.
• The documents once downloaded will be saved permanently and are handy for further use.



To All Citizens


No need to carry physical documents.

How To Apply

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