Sheep Distribution

Date : 20/06/2017 - | Sector: ANIMAL HUSBANDRY
sheep distribution scheme

This scheme gave a quantum jump to the rural economy and is designed for the upliftment of Yadava/Golla/Kuruma families who are approximately 4 lakhs in the state. Provision of financial support to these skilled families for rearing sheep on a large scale will facilitate not only their economic development but also facilitate the production of sufficient meat in the state. It is also targeted to make Telangana a hub for meat export in the near future. The traditional shepherd families will be supported with the supply of (20+1) sheep on 75% subsidy with a total project outlay of Rs. 5,000 crores

Eligibility for Scheme of Sheep  Distribution

      • As this scheme launched in order to support the tradition of Shepard communities of Yadavas and Kurumas in Telangana state.Then the person who 18+ years belonging to the shepard community are eligible for the scheme
      • Every 18+ eligibility person will acquire a unit of sheep(which has 20 sheeps).

      Insurance for Sheep Distribution Scheme of Telangana

      • About Rs.5000 for a sheep and also Rs.7000 acquired by the Shepard farmer from the Telangana government in case of a death of a sheep.


Yadava and Kurma communities.


The sheep will be provided with 75 per cent subsidy

How To Apply

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