Date : 25/07/2017 - | Sector: ITE&C
softnet scheme

SoFTNET stands for “Society for Telangana State Network”, is an initiative program of IT Telangana in order to provide the quality education exploiting the potential of IT (Information Technology) and SC (Satellite Communications).

Society for Telangana State Network utilises G —SAT 8 Satellite and telecasts 04 channels. Mana TV1 Telangana and Mana TV2 Telangana serves to the rural development, distance learning, Tele— Medicine, Agriculture Extension and E-Governance (Electronic Governance) of the Telangana People.

SoFTNET Vision and Mission
• In order to educate, enhance and empower the Telangana people by providing audio/video wire and wireless technology and SC (Satellite Communications) in order to achieve “Bangaru Telangana” in the State.

• In order to provide a quality education system of coaching and guiding the aspirants who are seeking admissions in professional courses.

• And in order to prevent crime by creating awareness among people on safe, secure and making the people to participate in mainataining law and order

• Also in order to educate the people on health, Swachh Telangana, hygiene in urban and SBM Gramin in rural areas in order to improve the standard of health


All Citizens


SoFTNET Mission is to Educate, Enlighten and Empower the people of Telangana State

How To Apply

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