Date : 12/03/2015 - | Sector: ITE&C

T-Fiber is the government’s initiative to establish infrastructure to enable affordable, high speed broadband connectivity and digital services to 10 Zones (31 Districts), 584 Mandals, 8,778 Gram Panchayats, 10,128 villages, 83.58 lakh households and more than 3.5 crore people. The state will be investing Rs 5,500 crore into the project.

The project also aims to connect households, which will enable them to make online payments and use other online services, provide them with set up boxes so that they have access to live government TV channels.

To achieve this, it established a Technology Demonstration Network (TDN), the pilot for the program covering close to 50 government offices and households in the Rangareddy district. The TDN is already established in four villages in Maheshwaram mandal. With the help of the established TDN, a school, a primary health centre, a few houses and gram panchayat offices in Mansanpally, Thummaloor, Sirigipuram and Maheshwaram villages are connected to Secretariat, the Raj Bhavan, CM’s Camp Office and State Data Centre.


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Internet connectivity to 23 million people

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