Sri Matsyagiri Lakshmi Narasimha Swamy Temple

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Devotees consider this temple to be the hill on which Vishnu is worshiped in the form of a fish. During the festivals, the entire hill region is a deity of devotees Swells with naming. The temple is located amidst the cascading waterfalls in the lap of cold nature.

Devotees worship Lord Lakshminarasimha on Matsya Giri Hill in the village of  Venkatapuram,Valigonda Mandal. 

Formerly known as Vyomulu, the sages climbed the Matsya Giri hill in search of a quiet place away from traffic Began penance. Ugranarasimha who killed Hiranyakashapa while the evil spirits were interfering with their penance Do come to this area which is calm. With this, all the sages prayed to Lord Narsimha to save themselves from the clutches of evil spirits.

Swami forgave their prayers and resorted to evil training. Between the loud noises that the bunch had three faces, three knots The myth is that all the evil spirits that have changed have been destroyed.

Swami, who was self-sufficient in the form of Salagrama, filled the pits with holy water flowing from his feet. With this Anjaneya Swami was established as the ruler of the field and worship began.

Before the Abhishek Puja Tirtha, the pilgrims go to the pool to see Swami Matsyavataram in the form of a fish. It is also known as Vemulakonda.

Vishnu namalu for fish

Gundam, a natural formation on a hill three thousand feet above sea level, is constantly in contact with water Where the water comes from is a mystery to Everyone.

Everything in this pond is the same kind of fish. Of the same size About half a meter long, small dolphins swim in the canyon. They are called Vishnu fish because they have a mustache on their heads that resembles Vishnu nama’s. These fishes are found in the gundam called as Namala Gundam, Vishnugundam and Malagundam complexes. As the water level rises, the three domes merge to form a crescent-shaped arch that reappears as a single dome.

Adjacent to this round about is the temple of the Swami. In the middle of this crescent-shaped gundam is the western bank of the water.

There is a six feet fish statue

The statue appears to have turned from northeast to southwest with an incline visible when the fish flipped over. The fish face faces east. This fish statue appears to be floating in the water when the water level in the gundam rises.

Pushkarini Avirbhavam

The Pushkarini Gundam is formed by water flowing from the Sannidhi of Srimatsyagiri Lakshminarasimhaswamy. In three parts Devotees call Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara, Lakshmi, Parvati, Saraswati, Trinetra, the factors that created, rhythm, etc., by various names.

Devotees believe that water is always full of pots due to the glory of God. In this Pushkarini, the Lord appears to us in the form of a fish with the names of Srivaishnava.

Abhaya tree

Abhayavrikshamani is the name given to the mango tree in the temple premises. Infertile people bathe in the Pushkarini here and worship the Lord Devotees are of the firm belief that if they pray and cut the peeled coconut off the tree, they will have children. During the months of Shravan, Bhadrapada and Kartika, the bustle of the devotees is high.On Saturdays and Sundays, the hill station is bustling with visitors on Panchami, Saptami and Dasami Tithi Swamivari Brahmotsavas for five days every year from Jyeshthashuddha Triodashi to Bahula Vidiya take place. Thiruppavai festivals are celebrated in the month of Dhanurmasa Sri Satyanarayana swamy vratas are also performed. Devotees believe that staying on this hill will bring peace, reduce diseases and allay fears of demons.

The locals believe that the water in the Pushkarini is glorious and drinking this water will cure diseases and increase the yield if sprinkled on the crop fields.



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How to Reach :

By Air

The nearest Airport is Rajiv Gandhi International Airport (HYD)

By Train

The nearest Railway station Valigonda 17 km away from Venkatapuram

By Road

Vemulakonda is well connected by roadways. it is very near to NH163. Frequent bus facility is available from Bhuvanagiri, Nalgonda and Warangal too.